Meet Our Team

Priya Patel

Administrative Assistant


Priya is the Administrative Assistant for Connect Consulting Services in Sacramento, California. She’s also a recent Aggie from UC Davis, with a Bachelor’s degree in Managerial Economics and minor in Technology Management.


With some marketing background, Priya has a passion for creative direction and branding but craves organization and efficiency. She enjoys learning new skills and taking on new challenging opportunities. She is currently taking on a UXUI bootcamp in hopes of gaining a certificate as well as adding new design skills under her belt. On the flip side, she loves to streamline processes and find new and efficient ways to take on problems.


From painting and sketching to sewing and sculpting, she loves it all. She DIYs everything, even her clothes and home decor. Priya is obsessed with creating things with her own two hands, and is constantly learning new ways to express herself through art. Her recent pastime has been watercolors but has been taking on a bit of dance on the side. Side note: she loves ALL animals with a passion and is obsessed with puzzles. 

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