Do It Yourself

If you missed the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) deadline on November 15, 2017, you still need to comply. Let Connect Consulting Services help to make sure your organization is taking the right steps to get up-to-speed. To assist you in becoming compliant with CMS Emergency Preparedness Requirements, CCS has developed a comprehensive CMS EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS COMPLIANCE DO IT YOURSELF PLANNING TOOLKIT that is comprised of:

  • A CMS Quick Start Guide – Provides an overview of the CMS EP Rule requirements and implementation guide on how to develop your Emergency Management Program
  • Self-Assessment Tools & Crosswalk – To determine where an organization is in relation to the rule and steps needed to reach compliance
  • Emergency Management Program Plan Template, including Continuity of Operations – Using an “All-Hazards” approach that is designed for compliance with the CMS EP Rule
  • Hazard Response Plan Templates like for earthquake, flood, fire, etc. to match your identified risks
  • Policy and Procedure Templates such as Evacuation, Shelter in Place, etc.
  • Communications Plan Template – Designed to comply with requirements for internal, external, and redundant communications
  • Training and Exercise Guide Includes an exercise design guidebook, after action report template, sample exercise plan, and sample tabletop exercise PowerPoint presentation template to help you develop your Training and Plan Testing Program.

With the DO IT YOURSELF Compliance option, Connect Consulting Services gives you step-by-step planning templates and tools to help you correct those areas so you will become compliant.

Connect Consulting Services takes a holistic approach to emergency management, business continuity, and disaster recovery. You get the support you need to prepare for, learn the skills to respond to, and recover from disaster through customized and effective emergency preparedness planning, training, and exercise services.



Does a CMS COMPLIANCE “DO IT YOURSELF PLANNING TOOLKIT” sound like what you need? Or do you need some technical assistance too?
Please schedule a time with us to find out the best option for you:

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The Connect Consulting Services CMS Emergency Preparedness Toolkit eased our compliance process because…
The basic policies and procedures were written plus forms were included all I had to do was adapt them for our service type. The process to complete the plan was literally cut in half.

Working with Connect Consulting Services was great because…
They were very responsive, had good suggestions and good insight into the rules. They are great to work with!

Jeri L. Schettler

Executive Director, Client Community Services, Inc.<br />Worthington, Minnesota


With the DO IT FOR YOU option, you get a comprehensive CMS emergency preparedness planning toolkit + customized technical assistance to address your planning gaps. We lead the effort and teach you how to stay compliant.


With the DO IT WITH YOU option, you get a comprehensive CMS emergency preparedness planning toolkit + customized technical assistance to address your planning gaps. You do some work, we do some work to teach you how to stay compliant.


We believe emergency preparedness is a continuum and we are ready to stand by throughout the entire preparation and recovery processes. Ready to get started? It’s never too early to be prepared. Contact us today for an initial consultation and to take the first step in getting prepared.

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