Disaster Response Cadre

Join the Connect Consulting Services Disaster Response Cadre!

As a member of the CCS/DRC, you’ll be ready to deploy, domestically or internationally, to support local recovery and response efforts wherever they are needed. If selected for the cadre, you may be requested to deploy based upon the needs of a disaster and the needs for your expertise. Deployment opportunities and length of deployments are not guaranteed and may be fluid and unpredictable. Salary range will be commensurate with experience and will vary based on the terms of the deployment and nature of the work.

This is a reserve position with no commitment, meaning you are under no contractual obligation to fulfill a deployment request, nor does CCS have a contractual obligation to utilize you. Cadre terms are for up to two years and may be renewed as needed.

We are currently filling cadre positions to support various Disaster and Emergency Support Functions, including but not limited to:
Disaster Survivor Assistance
Environmental Planning
External Affairs
Field Leadership
Financial Management
Human Resources
Information Assistance
Information Technology
Public Assistance

Should you be mobilized as a member of the CCS/DRC, you will be contracted with Connect Consulting Services under terms amenable to both CCS and you, as the contractor.

Entry-level: Apply HERE to join the CCS/DRC

Mid-level: Apply HERE to join the CCS/DRC

Senior-level: Apply HERE to join the CCS/DRC

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