Meet Our Team

Erik Angle, R.N. MICN, MEP, NHDP

Training and Exercise Specialist


Erik is Registered Nurse, is currently employed as the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for the Sutter Roseville Medical Center. He trains staff of the Emergency Department, also the whole hospital group and EMS/First Responder personnel in the realm of Emergency Medical Systems, Trauma Management and Disaster Preparedness. He also provides Disaster and Emergency Department policy creation not only for his Sutter affiliate but all Sutter Affiliates in CCS Request for Quote Response to the Merced County PH Training and Exercise Project 7 our system. He has planned and have designed and run multiple disaster drills internally and with key community and federal partners and he is a certified Master Exercise Practitioner (MEP). He also works closely with the EMS Agency and have created multiple policies for the
Sierra Sacramento Valley (S-SV) EMS Agency used in the 10-county EMS Region. Erik is also the key contact with our community and federal partners, such as the OES; Health Departments; ambulance, fire and law enforcement services, FBI and National Disaster Medical Systems. Erik is the Placer County Sutter Hospital CHEMPACK Coordinator.

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