Key Advisors

Alan Byrum

Alan Byrum

Former Director of Business Continuity


Connect Consulting Services is a national woman-owned business that takes a holistic approach to emergency management, business continuity and disaster recovery for organizations, businesses and government agencies. We pride ourselves in offering our clients peace of mind by helping them prepare for, learn the skills to respond to and recover from disaster — all through our effective emergency management planning and training services.


With clients all over the country, Connect Consulting Services offers our clients a comprehensive and customized emergency management plan and training program – always providing an appropriately sized plan for each unique organization – to cover the bases of engaging, preparing, and recovering from disaster.



Our process is simple. We first assess our client’s internal and external risks and vulnerabilities to then help mitigate determined risks and plan for all other unforeseen risks. Our teams of highly trained emergency management professionals then jump in to train staff on emergency and safety procedures through disaster drills and exercises to support emergency response and recovery methods, and personal preparedness.


We believe emergency preparedness is a continuum and we are ready to stand by throughout the entire preparation and recovery processes. Ready to get started? It’s never too early to be prepared. Contact us today for an initial consultation and to take the first step in getting prepared.

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