As a business owner or organizational leader, you are very aware of the many moving pieces required to be successful. You have a hand in everything, but learned early on you cannot physically do everything on your own. You have consulted with experts in various fields, and have more than likely hired a few experts, either full-time or consultants.

Most organizations hire experts like lawyers and accountants, but this year you really need to add an emergency management consultant to your team. Here are 6 reasons why you should hire an EM consultant this year:

1. You need a plan.

Hopefully “making a response plan” has been on your list for quite a while. After the events of 2017, it has been made very clear that this is a non-negotiable task. Just as you wouldn’t attempt to file your taxes without expert guidance, you shouldn’t attempt this either.

2. You need someone who knows the best practices.

There are so many specific rules that must be followed when you are talking about compliance and emergency response plans. CCS has those best practices well in hand and are able to explain them to you so you can understand as well.

3. You need someone with a fresh perspective.

Two heads are better than one, especially when one of those heads is an emergency management professional. Using their experiences from past clients, our consultants can create a plan perfect for your organization.

4. You need someone with complete and unbiased insight as to what is working and what isn’t.

You may have tried to create an emergency response plan, or you may have had it on your list for quite a while, but when it comes down to effectiveness, you need someone from outside the organization to evaluate the plan.

5. You need someone for short-term or ad-hoc projects.

Once you have a plan, it’s easy to update. After it’s tested you’ll find problems that need to be addressed. If you grow throughout the year, you may need to change your plan. Using a consultant means you can have them revisit the plan later on.

6. You have the benefit of a full-time employee, without the cost.

Ideally you would have an emergency manager on full-time staff, but you may not be ready for that. By using a consultant, you can get the benefit of an expert without adding another employee.

When you are able to trust the experts with tasks like creating and testing your emergency response plan, you are free to grow your business. With a powerful team of consultants behind you, you can easily achieve your goals in 2018. Contact CCS today to discuss your emergency management needs.

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