It’s been over a year since the Federal Register released the final rule on Emergency Preparedness Requirements for Medicare and Medicaid Providers and Suppliers. We’re now rapidly approaching the deadline for CMS compliance and implementation of all regulations, which is set for November 15, 2017.

If you’re hearing about CMS compliance for the first time, you either aren’t affected by this rule or you have been thrust into a situation and now feel quite unprepared. The bottom line is that the all Medicare and Medicaid providers and suppliers must have met the standards in these four areas:

  • Develop emergency plans
  • Write policies and procedures
  • Have communication plans
  • Train and test their programs

It’s definitely getting down to the wire regarding CMS compliance with this rule. And while no one quite knows what enforcement of this new set of regulations will look like, there’s no wiggle room about having a plan to become CMS compliant. When it comes to providing the best care possible for those in your organization, it is vitally important that your program, agency or facility are prepared for any natural or man-made disaster.

Why is this rule important?

After recent natural disasters pummeled the Texas and Florida coast, it’s easier to see why having emergency response plans are important. Plans that account for all types of mishaps are what makes the difference. A plan to shelter-in-place must be backed up with an evacuation plan.

The final CMS rule has a goal of making health care better, reducing costs, and saving lives. The goal is to strengthen individual state and regional programs to improve accountability and transparency, to strengthen the quality of care for patients in long term facilities that are affected by disaster and to align with key requirements of all heath care coverage programs.

Are you ready? We can help!

Connect Consulting Services is ready to help all impacted organizations get compliant with this rule, as quickly and as safely as possible. From identifying what is missing from your current plans to conducting a full-scare exercise, there are several boxes to check. We know that you are busy running your organization, and that is why we’ve a full complement of services to fit the specific needs of your organization. Please, do not wait until November 16 or when you are caught without a plan.  Contact us today so we can get your plan moving in the right direction. Start here!


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