Nora O’Brien, CEO of Connect Consulting Services, an emergency management and business continuity firm, agrees with the importance of having a fully-prepped team in place. The key to an effective disaster plan, she says, is having a team ready to address any of the short-term response needs, including everything from “how to evacuate employees to safety to assessing damage in the aftermath of an event.”


A crisis can slow a business down, but it doesn’t have to completely halt operations. O’Brien shares the importance of having a business continuity plan (BCP) to keep your company moving forward. A BCP is the roadmap that allows a business to advance in the wake of disaster, ensuring that products and services get delivered without interruption. This plan can and should include items like IT backup strategies, contacts for outsourcing work and, most importantly, tips for managing cash flow. “I use the same business continuity skills we teach our clients to keep my own business afloat,” O’Brien says.

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